Have you ever thought about which type of consumer you are?  There are basically only three real answers; Smart, Stingy (selfish), or Stupid.  Let's discuss how we rate the consumer types by how people really are (and not any of the psychological mumble jumble):

SMART Consumers...
...know that "free" does not necessarily mean "worthwhile" so they only invest time and effort into true values for their lifestyle.
...know that even "free" items have a cost and that someone (seller or buyer) will have to "pay for" that cost either now or later on. good quality "free" items by spreading the news about them to others with "word of mouth", forums, or social media posts.
...donate (if available) to support the "free" items that they find useful and continue to use in their home, school, or work projects.

STINGY Consumers...
...don't care if the "free" product might be discontinued if it does not generate any revenues; after all they already have their "free" one.
...are not sure if they should tell anyone else because all of the "free" items might be taken and they may not be able to get another later.

STUPID Consumers...
...think "free" is the most awesome category of pricing and cannot fathom how much an item might really cost the creator or distributor.
...get the "free" thingy whether they need one or not, after all you just can't beat "free" even if you just throw it away later on.

What you should know:
1. Not everything that is "free" is worth your time or effort so don't just get something because it says "free" unless you can use it.
2. Even free items need funded whether it is pre- or post- production meaning that "free" is a relative term and not a costing term.
3. Funding is provided either directly by the creator/distributor, or by you in the form of responding to ads or directly donating.
4. For "free" physical products, only take those you can use and give them to someone else or recycle when no longer needed.